Our Approach

Whitman is where technical proficiency and experience come together to provide success for our customers. Our company was founded in 1972 by Vernon Whitman as a designer and manufacturer of molds and has steadily expanded its capabilities from there, but we never forget our roots.

With every project we undertake, we bring our wealth of experience in tool and mold design with superb technology to create the most efficient, highest quality custom parts for our customers. 

This is why our customers know that when they have a challenging design to produce they can turn to Whitman with full confidence in our ability to provide it.


Vernon Whitman founds Whitman Mold focused on creating molds for plastics injection molding


Whitman Moves to Orangburg, South Carolina


Demand requires Whitman move to a larger facility in Orangeburg where it still resides


Tim Whitman purchases the company from his father


Whitman expands to its on plastic injection molding lines


Tim Whitman continues to expand the business by taking on partner Randy Carrigg

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