We are here to help you from the from part design all the way to delivery at your facility and every step in between. At Whitman we see the entire process as a partnership and we are happy to give a helping hand along the entire process.


State of the Art Engineering

Our full staff of registered, professional engineers are proficient in:

  • Product Modeling Software
  • Optical Comparators
  • Coordinate Measurement Machines
  • Finite Element Analysis Tools

Extensive Testing Resources 

We are capable of performing:

  • Mechanical Testing
  • Electrical Testing (up to 50 kV)
  • Environmental Testing
  • UV Testing
  • Metallurgical Analysis


Onsite Tool & Die Shop

Our journeyman level tooling experts are capable of creating any tool or die required

We have Wire and Ram EDM Machines capable of tolerances up to +/- 0.00005 inch

Our shop is fully capable of refurbishing and modifying any existing tooling to improve efficiency


Our team has extensive capabilities producing components in any of the following capabilities, click on them to learn more